Letter to the Editor – Medicare Keeps Me Tickin’

Are any “seniors” out there as upset as I am by Robert J. Samuelson July 29 column “It’s the elderly, stupid”? It goes from the placard shown in the photograph above the text, which reads “Medicare Keeps Me Tickin’,” to casually referring to those of us over 65 who take Medicare and Social Security as “retirees” dragging down the economy with our “private pleasures.”

What’s wrong with using Medicare to keep the heart of someone over 65 “tickin’”? Did we not work for our retirement nest eggs, are we not careful of how many pleasure trips we take, do we not give generously of our time and financial aid to our churches and to disasters like Haiti, Katrina and Somalia?

Bring on the dialogue, but don’t paint with one brush those of us over 65 who spend our money carefully as enjoying “middle-class welfare.”

-Mary Ann Carmody, Washington

The Washington Post
August 1, 2011