Daily Mail: ‘I have Asperger’s ‘ – Under the microscope with Dan Aykroyd

'I feel I've got two or three cat lives left,' said Dan AykroydThe 61-year-old actor on the Blues Brothers workout, always being tired and why he doesn’t fear death

‘I feel I’ve got two or three cat lives left,’ said Dan Aykroyd

How fit are you?

I’ve never cared for sports. I played some baseball at school in Canada and used to walk two miles there and back through the snow. My Blues Brothers shows require a lot of energy, but that’s the only exercise I do. I can still do the moves, except for knee drops because I’m not as flexible as I was.

What’s your diet like?

I like hearty and authentic, yet simple, food — lamb chops with roast potatoes and a glass of shiraz is a favourite. I’m a wine aficionado. I usually choose food to complement wine. Good food doesn’t have to be fancy. My day-to-day favourite is a sandwich made with black pumpernickel bread, Swiss cheese, lettuce, mustard mayo, Black Forest ham, a few sliced pickles and a dollop of grape jelly.

Any vices?

Macaroni and cheese, made properly with spice and truffle oil. When I’m with my wife, Donna, we open a bottle of pink champagne and complement it with pecorino cheese and red pepper jelly.

Any family ailments?

No, my parents are 95 and 91 and going strong at the Aykroyd ancestral farm in Kingston, Ontario. But I was born with heterochromia iridum — different coloured eyes, one green, one blue. I also have syndactyly, where two or more digits are fused, I have two toes on each foot webbed almost to the top.


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