The Amazing Story Of The Blind Engineer (Who Is Also A Triathlete)

Patricia Walsh is one of those people who seems to excel at everything she does. After several years in a successful and coveted stint as an engineer at Microsoft, she left to join Austin, Texas-based mobile payment app Mozido—a job she loves—in 2013. A longtime marathon runner, Walsh completed her first triathalon in 2010 and began breaking records a year later. She launched a motivational speaking business and wrote a book.

She’s also blind.

Walsh lost most of her vision when she was 14 as the result of a pediatric brain tumor and subsequent complications from the surgery to remove it. Today, her field of vision is a six-degree “tunnel of light, dark and motion.” She went from being a student on track to graduate from high school early finding it hard to read children’s books in Braille.

The trauma of losing her vision took a toll on Walsh. Depressed, angry and frustrated, she was living with her father in northern Ontario, Canada. Then her father started having health issues, including two strokes and two heart attacks in less than a year. To cope with the trauma of losing her eyesight and to get herself healthier, she started running.

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